Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry caters to the care of children. Historically, going to the Dentist particularly for children can be quite a difficult experience. Dr. Shah-Khan is great with kids, from toddlers to teenagers. He started his career seeing mainly children other Doctors did not wish to treat. His warm demeanor and personality tend to go over very well with children (and their parents) and we have received many patients from pediatric specialists that are now patients of our own.

Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery is spacious, light, bright, and pleasing to everyone including small children. We have a designated children’s area in our lobby. Our practice is centrally located to several elementary, middle, and high schools. We are located directly across from the beautiful, newly built, Hammond Central. You can bring your child to an appointment anytime and make it back to school for their next lesson.

Treatment for children include, but are not limited to:

Composite/White Fillings (NO AMALGAM – we are a MERCURY FREE facility)

What is used to restore your child’s teeth after cavities are removed. This will be done in the most comfortable manner possible. Dr. Shah-Khan tries not to inject children with anesthesia unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, if they do have a large cavity that requires a needle, we have a wide range of different anesthetic and combinations to ensure your child’s comfort.


Dental sealants are an important preventive measure that helps prevent decay on a child’s permanent premolars & molars. Dr. Shah-Khan recommends sealants be placed to help preserve your child’s teeth, and would be happy to discuss the benefits of sealants at your child’s next appointment!

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a great agent used to help prevent tooth decay. It is naturally present in different amounts in almost all foods and water supplies. The introduction of Fluoride into drinking water in the United States is one of the greatest advancements of healthcare in history.

Benefits of using fluoride have been documented through extensive research and supported by many health and professional organizations.

Root canal (Pulpotomy/Pulpectomy) for kids

When the nerve or pulp tissue of a primary or permanent tooth is infected, it needs to be treated to prevent a dental abscess and loss of the tooth. The two methods of treating infected dental nerve tissue are the pulpotomy and pulpectomy. The ultimate objective of these procedures is to save the tooth, so that it will maintain the integrity and function of the dental arch.

A tooth requiring this treatment will typically be problematic and painful for your child. At Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery, we will do everything to ensure the comfort of your child and their parents. Teeth requiring pulpotomy or pulpectomy will generally need a crown/cap as well. This will all be discussed at the time of your child’s procedure with you.

Extractions for Kids

At Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery, extractions are performed when removing a tooth is the best option for restoring the health of the patient’s mouth. Dr Shah-Khan may recommend an extraction when a tooth is:

  • Infected by periodontal (gum) disease
  • Significantly damaged or decayed
  • Impacted (stuck) in the mouth
  • Complications from trauma
  • Delayed exfoliation
  • Orthodontic request


Our staff will do everything in their power to ensure that your child is comfortable during the treatment. Remember to make sure your child follows their home care instructions after the extraction.

Stainless Steel/White Resin Crowns

Crowns are necessary when a tooth is severely damaged or has suffered from advanced decay and cannot be fixed with bonded filling material. Crowns cover the remaining tooth and restore its function, strength, and esthetics. Several crown material options are available including resin/white crowns. We will discuss these on an individual basis depending on the area of the mouth that needs attention.


Dentistry requires compassion, care, and the utmost attention, especially to children with special needs. You can be sure your child is in capable and caring hands. If you have any questions about special needs dental care for your child, don’t hesitate to call and inquire today.


When accidents happen, Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery is just a phonecall away, conveniently located on Calumet Avenue in Hammond, Indiana. We are easily accessible for all of NW Indiana and Chicago.

If a dental emergency occurs outside office hours, please email or leave a voice message and a friendly member of our staff will return your call as soon as possible. OUR PATIENTS are ALWAYS our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

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Covid-19 Update 😷

Here at Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery - patients are our TOP priority.

The safety of our patients, staff, and Doctors are of utmost importance. Just like the rest of the world, our practice has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Together we WILL persevere.

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