Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Shah-Khan during his cosmetic dentistry internship with Dr. Mojgan Fajiram in New York City. She is responsible for some of the most famous smiles in the world. Her patients include news anchors, rapping elite Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Remy Ma, Wall Street Billionaires, Royalty, to country singers like Shania Twain.
Dr. Shah-Khan is grateful to have trained under such an incredibly skilled dentist early in his career, learning the some of the greatest cosmetic techniques to create a solid foundation for his own skillset. He is fortunate to have such a close personal network of talented doctors.
If youre interested in getting a Superstar⭐️Smile or complete facial look – look no further than Dr. Shah-Khan. He combines his eye for esthetics and beauty, wealth of knowledge of cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and facial contouring through botox and dermal filler. He can help you achieve your complete aspirational look or a full facial transformation in one place with one doctor. Feel free to contact us, we’re here for you.

The best way to improve your appearance is through your smile. Beauty is subjective and comes in ALL colors, cultures, shapes, and sizes. However, a nice healthy smile transcends them all and is the most important feature one can have.

Having the right teeth is a special and unique process that is completely tailored to you. Let Dr. Shah-Khan help you achieve your image goals through cosmetic dentistry whether that may be veneers, crowns, or a combination of both.

Oak Ridge Dental & Surgery is different – here we do everything in the house. If you have a gummy smile, receding chin, thin lips, loss of facial volume, etc. Dr. Shah-Khan can take care of ALL of that for you in our facility – you don’t have to go from one doctor’s office to another. We have created a beautiful oasis with completely private operatory suites, gated parking, and have all of the tools to make you look however it is that you may want. This is a judgment-free zone, YOU are our PRIORITY. We are here for you.


The absolute first thing people do to improve their appearance especially when they become famous is get veneers or dental work. Old Hollywood and Bollywood actors  alike of the 1950s and 60s had extensive dental work i.e. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and the glossy airbrushed faces that you see present day in magazines as well. The difference is that now it is public knowledge, and the quality of their dental work is much better thanks to better materials, and higher caliber of dental surgeons.

You don’t have to be a Hollywood actor, rapper/singer, or famous Youtuber to have a nice smile. You can be a regular person that wants to improve their health & look at ANY age. If you aren’t happy with your smile because of their poor appearance, veneers are likely the right choice for you. People with unattractive teeth are less likely to smile and appear unhappy. When you have an attractive smile it can light up your entire face and give you better posture. Having nice teeth truly is the ULTIMATE way to transform your appearance.

The best investment is one you can make in yourself. We offer several financing options to our patients because we want to help you. Fix your smile, Fix your life.



Discolored Teeth?

If your teeth are discolored from years of not caring for them, coffee, alcohol, smoking, or if you just have yellow teeth due to genetic reasons, veneers can change all of that.

Damaged Teeth?

Damaged teeth can be caused by various reasons – like a trip/fall. Use of medications can also cause tooth structure to become weak or brittle leading to chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. Once your teeth have been damaged, there are few treatment options for restoring their appearance. If left untreated, tooth damage can leave the nerve or root of your tooth exposed, causing pain. Also, if there is an infection in the mouth, there are pathways to the brain and the rest of the body that can lead to extremely serious systemic health issues.

Veneers can protect damaged teeth while restoring their attractive aesthetic.

Displaced Teeth?

Veneers are an instant fix to a poor smile. While Dr. Shah-Khan does offer orthodontic services through traditional braces and clear aligners, that process takes time. Ortho will ALIGN the teeth but if the teeth are discolored or have an unattractive texture, porcelain veneers are a BETTER option.

Crooked or gapped teeth can cause you to feel dissatisfied with your appearance. Veneers can provide a straight and luminous smile, increasing your confidence instantly.



Beauty is subjective. Dr. Shah-Khan has relationships with some of the best labs in the world. If you want a natural looking smile or striking bright and white, we can help you with whatever you want. We have the skill, resources, and know how to get you exactly what you desire for your image goals.


Your teeth are everything – they are how you eat, speak to your loved ones, and smile confidently at the world. They are the most important part of the body and tend to be most neglected. Veneers are long lasting, generally 12-15 years without the need for replacement. Porcelain veneers are more resistant to stains than regular tooth structure. When placed and positioned correctly, they are strong and long-lasting.


Dr. Shah-Khan goes to great lengths to ensure his patients are comfortable whether it is for cleaning all the way to full-mouth implant surgery. The process for veneers is simple for the patient. You will be anesthetized and unlike a traditional crown, the tooth structure will not be removed as drastically. You will receive temporary veneers and when the final product arrives from the lab, we will make SURE you like them and Dr. Shah-Khan will adhere them to your teeth and you’re done. New teeth, New life.

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Fix YOUR smile, Fix your LIFE.